A review on the book “Coaching for Performance”, by John Whitmore


With his book „Coaching for Performance, GROWing People, Performance and Purpose“, John Whitmore gives a sound foundation for coaching, based on the context of awareness and responsibility aligned to the GROW model.
Based on  Timothy Gallwey’s techniques for sports training (as described in his book „The Inner Game of Tennis“), John Whitmore extracts the coaching essentials and describes them in a comprehensive way.
Through the use of the sports-examples, the author explains how asking the right questions raises awareness while the coachee maintains the responsibility. 

How the book contributes to the Coaching Profession

The book, entitled as the „Grandfather of Coaching books“, offers the cornerstones of the coaching process and explains in great details the „how“ and „why“ of the GROW model.

Best tips

Especially through the detailed comparison with „The Inner Game“ the book shows how the GROW model can shift thinking and how the right questions can lead to behavioral changes.
The chapter „Overcoming the Barriers“ explains some of the causes can be that lead to the none-acceptance of coaching and how to circumvent them.

The chapter „Coaching for Purpose“ offers great questions and insights. Feedforward not only generates motivation and stimulation but also generates ownership and responsibility.
The GROW model can be used for self-assessment, in setting up a matrix that not only consists of the Reality, but also include the Goals to develop yourself further.

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