A review on the book “Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring”, by David Megginson & David Clutterbuck


In their book „Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring“, the authors David Megginson and David Clutterbuck, sum up coaching and mentoring approaches/techniques and describe how they are applied, based on their extensive experience.
The book is split into 3 parts. It has an introduction, the techniques and the last part „Where to from Here?“. The main part „Techniques“ is divided into different subjects and guides the reader through each technique with according case studies and exercises.

How the book contributes to the Coaching Profession

The book can help the beginner coach to get an introduction to the use of techniques and how they can be applied in specific situations.
It can support coaches with a wide selection of tools for particular clients.
It serves as a reference book for exercises and techniques to experienced mentors and coaches.
The last part contains brief listings of organizations, references, qualifications and it contributes as an overview of educational options for coaches and mentors.

Best tips

  • circles of disclosure as a method to talk about the boundaries
  • lists several interesting books
  • how to apply the „Conversation ladder“ within the coaching context
  • „values and beliefs“ exercise to stimulate creative thinking
  • reframing examples
  • „logic tree“ for changing a habit
  • „Three step model for using metaphors“ for behavioural change

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