Muhammad Yunus says there should be two kind of businesses. One that is centered around YOU and for you, and the other should be for others. Watch this inspirational video to learn more about how he build his social business. A social business is where you invest money and you get the investment back, but only the amount you invested.

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“Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus shows how the social business model can harness the entrepreneurial spirit to address global problems.”

Staying in Control

In my 10 years as an entrepreneur and business owner, I have never been in a position where a bank/investor owned my business and could thus dicate my decisions. In my opinion this is the most important factor for running a successful life and business.

This also means the responsibilty for every action taken, or not taken, lays with me. I can’t blame anyone else for the mistakes I make or the success I have  and it offers a powerful tool for improvement.

Gautama Buddha

Be a lamp unto your own feet; do not seek outside yourself.

It may sound harsh, especially in a time of economic crisis, but here lies the chance. Try to not blame anyone, neither the economy, nor your clients or family. Try to see the chance in a crisis and a lesson in a failure. Always look for the solution instead of focusing on the problem.