Difference between emotion and feeling

Anabel Jensen, Ph.D.

What are emotions?

“Emotions are generated in the brain and the brain drives the body.”

What is the difference between emotions and feelings?

“Emotions are the raw material. They come with the DNA package.
Feelings are the interpretation of the raw data given by the brain and
reinforced by the individual’s culture.”

Source: wikipedia

Emotion is associated with mood, temperament, personality, and disposition.

Walter Last

‘Feelings’ in a general sense, are what we may feel in any part of our body. These may be simple body sensations, such as hot or cold, pain, a touch or else they may be feelings associated with emotions, such as love or hate, joy or anger.

Feelings generated by mechanical or chemical means, commonly from the outside will be called ‘body sensations’ or simply ’sensations’.

‘Emotions’, on the other hand, are feelings or reactions about someone or something, and usually involving our ego. We are angry about someone, afraid of something, in love with someone. These emotions may be directly felt in the body or we may just react strongly with thoughts or verbal displays originating from our head.

This means, we may have a strong reaction without actually being aware of a feeling in the body. We may even smash something in anger without feeling the energy of the anger itself in our body. I call this ‘cold anger’, a strong emotion without feeling.

A ’feeling’ is the inner body experience that we have if we can directly feel the energy associated with an emotion. However, we may also deliberately produce feelings as in meditation and feel and radiate love or compassion to our planet or humanity or groups or individuals. I do not regard these as emotions.