Facebook and our privacy

As a european citizen you can request all the data they save from a company. This includes Facebook!


All they need is your ID … which leads to a whole lot of other concerns …

Did you request your data? Let me know!

Also check out the initiative Europe vs. Facebook:


Thoughts on Google+

After using it for a little while and being asked a lot of questions around it, both from clients and friends, I wanted to take a few minutes to share my thoughts.

It is still beta!

One shouldn’t expect to find everybody on Google+ already and it may not yet be suited for business purposes, but in my opinion it can’t harm you either. Especially in combination with your Google Profile, which every business owner should have, it is easy to activate.

Should I switch from Facebook?

Imho. Facebook is something different, it is more crowded, surprises you often and everything is shared there. If you want to know what your friends eat, how they slept, check your Facebook (or Twitter for that matter). Google+ is slower, more sophisticated, but still in it’s childhood. As long as you set your privacy options correctly Google+ offers a more controlled way to share things due to the Circles feature.

So should you switch? NO, because you can’t compare them.

When does it make sense?

I use it atm for two different things:

Following focused news discussions – there are some great journalists online – and to share specific more private thoughts with targeted audiences.