HappyFood – Eat what makes you happy!

Food can boost your happiness!

Food stimulates your hormones and is responsible for your mood!

If we look at happiness from a scientific viewpoint we could define happiness in terms of hormones. That means: How you see and judge the world around you depends on your hormones!

“Let food be your medicine.” Hippocrates

There are four main neurochemicals affecting our happiness.  They are: Serotonin, Epinephrine, Dopamine, and Endorphin. But they not only affect our moods as research by scientists at the University of Cambridge shows:

“Depletion of serotonin changes an individual’s judgment of unfairness.”

Jonathan Silver, MD Published in Journal Watch Psychiatry August 18, 2008

So – what can we do to get the Dopamin and Serotonin level up?

The most simple way is through sports, family/friends and food.

Food that makes you happy

We are looking to get the raw building material for serotonin (tryptophan) through our eating habits.

Boost your Happiness through eating/drinking:

Chilli peppers, coffee, brazilian nuts, pasta and chocolate (over 60% cacao).

But remember don’t overdose – eat moderate amounts! Do everything on your own risk and listen to your body and how it responds! A happy diet is in itself a whole book and we are not able to list everything here 😉